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Black Friday and the Cyber Weekend is the the best time of the year to find great deals to help you stock up your essential oil toolkit.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for SALES! Seriously, I wait all year for this. Having a big family is expensive enough, but having a big family who all have their different health challenges…yeah it’s a bank breaker.

I’m serious when I say I live for this time of year and the bargains I can grab on products that help support our journey with MTHFR, Pyrrole and the sundry of issues that come along with family health.

The Best Black Friday and Holiday 2020 Essential Oil Specials 1
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One of our favorite versatile tools is essential oils and with Black Friday and other Holiday specials being released, it’s the perfect time of year to stock your essential oil toolkit!

I have a few companies I buy from regularly – yes, shock horror, I’m not going to tell you one company is the best and you should only buy their oils. Truth is, no one company is going to carry all the oils that are useful to you. Also, pricing varies wildly between them, and well – I’m kind of picky. I like organic if I can get it because getting things as low tox as possibly is what I strive for – even in my essential oils.

My Picks for the Best Deals

Cyber weekend is over but there are still some great deals being offered leading into Christmas.

So here we go – I’ve compiled a list of the upcoming specials that you won’t want to miss in order of when they are going to go live so you can make a plan.

Plant Therapy Christmas Countdown Specials

Plant Therapy is offering new deals throughout December you can catch the latest ones here

TODAY ONLY! Buy 2 Roll-Ons and Get 1 Free at Plant Therapy!
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Plant Therapy’s Immune Aid Synergy Was Created to Help Keep You on Track by Encouraging a Healthy Immune System – SHOP NOW

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Shop Peppermint Bark CBD, NOW Available Only at Plant Therapy!
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Vibrant Blue Oils

One of my absolute favorite essential oil lines. Vibrant Blue Oils are properly extracted, organic, therapeutic grade oils from wild-crafted, organic plants grown in their indigenous locations.

Jodi Cohen has combined her training in nutritional therapy, functional neurology, herbalism aromatherapy and other forms of energy medicine to create unique proprietary blends of organic and wild-crafted essential oils to balance different regions of the brain and organ systems in the body.

Jodi’s process of combining oils in specific ratios creates a synergy that can shift organs in the body and regions of the brain to support physiological function and emotional balance.

Vibrant Blue Oils are free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, adulterants, and added synthetic chemicals. They confirm this by performing GC/MS testing on every batch.

Rocky Mountain Oils

New clearance deals every day over the Cyber Weekend.

I’m loving their Christmas Morning Holiday Blends. The Holiday Bundle is a perfect way to get a few oils that you can pop into stockings or just keep them all for yourself!

What says Christmas time better than Peppermint oil?

The Best Black Friday and Holiday 2020 Essential Oil Specials 5
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The Organic set is definitely on my ‘to buy’ list it’s such great value already but the extra special will be even better!

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Tammy Rose-Townsend

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