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Essential Oils – A Great Tool to Use with Pyrrole Disorder

Managing life with Pyrrole requires a multi-pronged approach.  Diet, supplements, and environmental influences.  One of my favorite tools is essential oils. Oils are extremely versatile and can be used in so many ways from diffusing, applying topically to making cleaning products, home remedies and even in cooking.

Essential oils are an extremely useful tool in managing some of the symptoms of Pyrrole – especially with children. Oils are a gentle yet powerful way to help calm both physical and emotional symptoms that arise. We use them daily in our house.

where to source quality essential oils
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Homemade Remedies

One of the number one symptoms all of my children deal with is Insomnia.  They are notorious night owls and it’s one of our biggest challenges.  I use a number of different approaches to help them get to sleep easier.

My older boys all complain of ‘overactive brains’ where they have a great deal of trouble quieting their thoughts so they can go to sleep.  One of the things we use for this is a blend of oils that I put in roller balls and apply to their neck and back after they’ve had a shower.

Around the House

We also use essential oils in a diffuser.  I change up the oils and blends we use depending on the ‘mood’ of the house.  We use different oils depending on the time of day or if there are colds or viruses going around.

Essential oils also play a big part in how we clean – we try to keep commercial cleaners and chemicals to a minimum.  Oils are great for adding to cleaning preparations.

Lavender - where to buy essential oils to help reduce toxic load and manage pyrrole symptoms
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Beauty & Body Blends

This is another area that we regularly use oils.  Some I use straight (like Frankincense), or add to lotions and cremes.  We make bath salts and even perfume blends.

In our Food

Yep, I even use them here.  There are food grade oils available and I use them whenever I want to amp up the flavor in a dish.  One of my favorites is a peppermint mocha…mmmm coffee.

Where we get our oils

Truth be told I don’t have a single go-to resource.  I buy oils from several different places and all for different reasons.  The one thing I do try to do, is if it’s within my budget, I always go for organic if available.  Oxidative stress is one of the biggest parts of Pyrrole Disorder so I try really hard to keep everything we use as organic and ‘clean’ as possible.  Everywhere we can reduce chemicals I try to do it.

That said with a large family budget is always a big concern.  I try to get the best quality, at the best price. I do this in a number of ways.  There are some fantastic oils sources out there from MLM/Direct Sales health and wellness companies to independent online retailers and all of these sources have their benefits.

It’s highly unlikely that you will find one company that provides all the oils that are available.  You will need to shop around.  Different companies have different blends available as well. Often, buying a blended oil is the most economical option.  There are also a few companies that provide blends made especially for children, which can be really helpful because they are already diluted and ready to go.

MLM Sources

Using direct sales essential oil companies as a source can be a savvy way to get your oils.  You can hold a party (online or in-home) and not only get your oils (sometimes even free) but some education and ongoing support from your consultant.  Many of the companies offer wholesale accounts where you can purchase at a discount and earn rewards.  From my experience, some of the company starter packs that are on offer are amazing value.  You don’t even need to run a business – you can simply take advantage of the discount on high-quality oils!

Online Retailers

There are several online retailers of essential oils.  These are independent companies that specialize in aromatherapy oils and accessories.  Some of them offer great value and also have customer reward programs in place as well as special offers and seasonal sales.

My favorites are:

Plant Therapy

Rocky Mountain Oils

Simply Earth

There are also several natural health websites that carry essential oils as part of their stock and of course you can often find oils in health food stores and pharmacies.

I’ve mentioned a few companies above but if you’d like to check out my complete list of essential oil sources you can see it on the Essential Oils Resource Page.





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Tammy Rose-Townsend

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